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About Varia

Varia was founded in 2019 by Scott Friedman and Andrea Vossler, experienced venture attorneys with a history of working with physicians and other healthcare providers.

Scott and Andrea noticed an interesting trend – while physicians are uniquely qualified to judge the potential of new medical technologies and can offer tremendous value to their development process, as individual investors, their voice and added value is often lost in the midst of industry and larger financial investors. And access to venture investing has historically been open to a select few.

In 2021, they began partnering with professional, membership-based organizations to provide a new member benefit – investing in innovations originating from their fields of expertise. This led to the establishment of a broader platform wherein all partners and investors have the opportunity to invest in available deals originating from across Varia’s partnerships. In 2024, they expanded their partnerships to include globally recognized thought leaders, providing investors with access to top tier investment opportunities in new fields.

Ultimately, it’s Varia’s goal to provide a curated portfolio of peer-reviewed investment opportunities to its partners and investors.


We draw upon our core investment team and an extended network of partners, key opinion leaders, investors, and other resources to select and monitor our investments.

Scott Friedman

Managing Director

Andrea Vossler

Managing Director

Chris Schuler

Venture Partner,
Business Development

Eliza Shea, J.D.

Venture Partner,
General Counsel

Lisa Friedman

Venture Partner,
Strategic Initiatives

Amanda Clark

Marketing Lead

Kate Huber

Tech Lead

Strategic Partners

Varia Ventures Headquarters
50 Fountain Plaza
Suite 1436
Buffalo, NY 14202

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