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The premier platform for professional organizations looking for new membership benefits and streams of revenue.

Designed to leverage the power of our venture capital experience, network, and tech platform to help you affordably create and offer venture investing to your members

We set up your customized venture program through the following steps:


Develop investment strategy and criteria


Create white-labeled tech platform


Establish governance and operating structure


Assist in fundraising, marketing and education


Fund formation


Assist in diligence and investment decisions

Your Members’ Benefits

Access to vetted opportunities in your field of expertise and others, for a diversified portfolio
Low investment minimums making venture investing accessible
Potential outsized returns
Easy-to-navigate platform and a curated investor experience

Your Organization’s Benefits

A new service offering for your membership
Strategy and support with innovation competitions
A platform to promote and support innovators
New revenue streams, including sharing in profits from successful company exits

The Entrepreneur’s Benefits 

New capital pathway outside traditional industry or bootstrapping
Access to strategic support to build company
Efficient funding from investors who understand your industry

Why Partner with Varia?

We customize the fund to your industry focus, and you remain in control of fund strategy and interactions with companies

Control and Customization

We customize the fund to your industry focus, and you remain in control of fund strategy and interactions with companies

Access to our Network

Our national partnerships and strong connections to all relevant players in the startup and venture communities provide a global network that is made accessible to you.

Deep VC Experience

We have a proven investment thesis, domain authority, and deal access. Our three decades in venture provide you with unmatched access to this deep VC expertise.


We educate your network on the benefits of investing in VC through our collaboration with AllianceBernstein

Cost-effective approach

A flat consulting fee offers you a more economical option to building your own presence from the ground up

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I launch a venture fund for my organization?

Yes, we work with you to develop your own investment criteria, source deals from your membership, vet those deals, and offer the investment opportunity to members of your organization. We help you manage the entire process from beginning to end on our technology platform and with the help of our investment team and administrative staff. You are not required to invest as an organization in the fund, but some do so.

Do I need to have a business plan (i.e. Shark Tank) competition?

No, we provide you with our diligence platform that allows us to identify, vet and invest in deals. However, many of our partners already hold competitions, and we can partner with you on those to identify interesting innovations for the Fund or as a single investment. We can also help you establish a new competition or manage an existing one.

What are your fees?

We charge a flat consulting fee to create and launch your own venture fund, which offers you a more economical option than building your own presence from the ground up. There are no long-term commitments and you can cancel at any time. After fund closing, we charge a management fee to your investors (not the organization) to help build and manage your own portfolio of investments, and we share in the profits of successful company exits with you.  

How does my organization benefit?

You will serve as a new capital pathway for your innovator members and provide your investor members with access to venture investments. We share profits with you on successful deal exits, creating a new revenue stream for your organization. We also work to educate your members on entrepreneurship and venture investing, while providing access to our broader network for support and mentoring.

How do I learn more?

Please email to schedule a call with our team and learn more!

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