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GI Opportunity Fund

Investing in fast-growing,early-stage companies that speed innovation from concept to clinic for the benefit of patients with digestive disease, with additional investments in other surgical and non-healthcare companies for diversification.


Invest with fellow AGA Members.

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Fund Benefits

Support innovation to enhance patient care.
Access venture capital as an investment class.
Low commitment requirements as compared to traditional funds.
Enhance diversification.

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Meet the Fund Team

Scott Friedman

Fund Manager

Andrea Vossler

Fund Manager

Chris Schuler

Venture Partner,
Business Development

Eliza Shea, J.D.

Venture Partner,
General Counsel

Lisa Friedman

Venture Partner,
Strategic Initiatives

Amanda Clark

Marketing Lead

Kate Huber

Tech Lead

Tom Serena

AGA, Chief Executive Officer

Chris Bluhm

AGA, Senior VP Finance

Michael Kochman, MD

Wilmot Family Professor and Professor of Surgery, University of Pennsylvania; Clinical Advisor

Alison Kim

PhD, AGA, VP Research & Education


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